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Aletta Rossouw

Graham Hatch: MSc Med (Biokinetics) (WITS) Btech (SET)(TUT)
Aletta Rossouw: BA HMS(Biokinetics) (NWU)

Established in 2012, Hatch and Rossouw Biokineticists has built into a well-established practice that offers advanced rehabilitation for all orthopaedic injuries as well as post surgical rehabilitation.

Phone: 087 135 5500 or 087 135 5050
Email: hatchandrossouwbios@gmail.com
PR no 0466751

Graham Hatch

About Aletta Rossouw

• Aletta holds a BSc Hons Biokinetics (NWU) and has a special interest in hips, knees and backs. She enjoys working with sportsmen but also likes to work with the general population that doesn’t necessarily participate in sports. She is also involved in the Marion Rose Foundation, providing biokinetic services to underprivileged children.

• BA Human Movement Science and Psychology (NWU),
• BSc Hons Biokinetics (NWU)

Procedures Performed

Biokineticists use advanced exercise techniques in the final phase of the rehabilitation process to restore full function following injury, whether it is for normal daily living or any level sport.

H&R Biokineticists has a scientific approach to orthopaedic rehabilitation utilising advanced technologies such as:

• Isokinetic testing
• EMG Testing
• Balance and Proprioception testing
• Video analysis
• Advanced exercise prescription.

We believe in a patient centred multi-disciplinary approach and therefore enjoy working closely with the Doctors, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists in and outside of the clinic.

About Graham Hatch

• Graham has a special interest in shoulders, knees and ankles and holds a Masters degree in Sports Medicine (Biokinetics) (WITS). He has experience working with all levels of athletes from school and club level right through to international level.

• MSc Med (Biokinetics) Wits
• BTech Biokinetics (TUT)
• BTech Sports and Exercise Technology (TUT)

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