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ARossouw Biokineticists


Biokineticists use advanced exercise techniques to restore and optimise function, giving patients the ability to return to sport or daily activities.

ARossouw Biokineticists is a well-established Biokinetics practice, situated in the Hyperlife Medical Centre. The array of services offered include pre and post-operative orthopaedic injury rehabilitation, chronic disease management, sports testing and performance, and general health and wellness. The practice makes use of scientific methods and equipment including Cybex/isokinetic testing and training, EMG and balance systems, to refine rehabilitation and achieve patient’s goals. Situated in a multi-disciplinary environment, we work closely with our Sports physician, GP’s, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Chiropractor and other allied healthcare professionals.

Visit our website: rossouwbios.co.za.

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Aletta Rossouw


BA HMS & Psychology (NWU)
BSc Hons Biokinetics (NWU)

Aletta Rossouw, owner of the practice, has a special interest in hips, knees and injuries caused by pelvic imbalances. She has established herself in those areas and has enjoyed many success stories. Aletta likes working with any type of patient, whether they enjoy playing sport or not. “I get genuinely excited when I can tell a person that they can go back to their life as they knew it, before their injury or operation”. Aletta is very passionate about mentoring younger Biokineticists, helping them to grow and succeed in the field. She is looking forward to expanding the practice and increasing awareness of the great benefits of Biokinetics.

Natasha Soares


BSc Sports Science (UJ)
BHSc Biokinetics (WITS)

Natasha Soares joined the team in July 2018. She brings energy and excellence to the practice and we are blessed to have her. Along with her love for sports and enthusiasm working with patients of all ages, she enjoys tackling a wide variety of challenging orthopedic injuries, particularly those associated with the knee, back and ankle. She shares a keen interest in chronic disease management and is passionate about helping patients regain and improve their quality of life through movement. The organization and smooth running of large corporate wellness days, as well as the Hyperlife wellness days, also falls under her scope.

Myrna Conradie


Practice Manager/Mother To All/The Real Boss

Myrna joined the practice 4 years ago, and I can honestly say – the place will not be functioning without her. She is originally from P.E. where she was the line manager for the accounts department at a hospital. Myrna is in charge of the reception desk - handling all bookings and accounts. Our patients love her friendly and interactive approach and enjoy her quick response to queries. We are very lucky and grateful to have her on the team!

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